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Hello guys, this isn't a monthly favorite but it's all about the products that I've been loving to use for such a long time. Here are some of my most loved products. =)

1. Maxi-peel facial cleanser if you noticed it's kinda yellow, it's because my mom mixed the exfoliant solution in number 3 with it. I don't know where she came up with that idea. I asked her if I could also apply it on to my face (at first she said "NO" because I'm too young for it but still I tried it with or without her permission and when she saw the result, she finally let me used it. Hahaha) I'm using this one everytime I got major acne breakouts because it helps my skin gets clearer and erased the acne marks. I actually felt a little burning sensation all around the area where I got acne's but it's not bothering at all #TIISGANDA. I don't have further skin care routine since my skin is very sensitive. I'm afraid to apply something new cause it leads me to the worse part (Breakouts).
 My facial wash is a kojic soap but I stopped using it.. Hapdi nya sa face teh!.

I hate everytime magkakatigyawat ako or magkakabreakouts. Kasi di ako nakakalabas, nahihiya ako eh, di ko to kaya ipush ng bongga! 

Friend: Wag mong ikahiya ang tigyawat mo.
Ako: Wag ikahiya? Ilipat ko kaya to sayo lahat? Tingnan natin anong magiging reaksyon mo.
Friend: Sige friend, ikahiya mo na lang. 

2. Clean and Clear Oil Control Film Who would not love this? It has a silky sheets and it really does it's job. As a lady with a oily skin, this is a must have. I bring it everyday with me.
Once kasi, pauwi na kami
Classmate: Pwedi nang pagprituhan ng itlog mukha mo nin!
Ako: Isupalpal ko kaya sayo tong mantika sa mukha ko. Yung tataa! Manglait ka pa teh -.-

3. Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush I've been seeing this in Maybelline counters and I honestly don't wanna buy it cause it's too pricey for the size. I got mine from my aunt, she gave me this last october and I also got one from a giveaway on instagram last month. honestly, I can tell you, I can't go out of the house without using this. The finish is powdery though it's texture is creamy and it's easy to blend.

4. EB Matte Lipstick I bought it last december and been using it for 4 months.  I do have a review about this one, if you have time please check it out to know more about this product. Just click here

5. Avon Ultra Glazewear Lip Gloss It's in the shade K106 Mauve Movement. I thought lip gloss are transparent. My mom ordered it for me and I was like "No way! I'm not gonna use that. I'm into matte mom! MATTE" she's like "No way mukha mo dyan, sunugin ko kaya lahat ng lipstick mo, nagmumukha kanang matanda, sobrang dry ng sinusoot mo!!". So i said "Yeah, okay itry ko yan" and It was love in first swatch! Look at this! It's really shiny but who cares I love the color <3 Why not use it diba??
 So I basically, used it since September last year.

Frankly speaking, I'm not a makeup person well ahm i love to wear lipsticks everytime cause I don't wanna look like i just got out of the hospital). I also loved to put makeup on when i felt like I need to take a perfect selfie (i dont wanna look shitty in photos) Push natin to, dapat maging maganda tayo sa picture... kahit sa picture nalang.

How about you? What are the products that you've been using for quite a long time? Do you also want me to share my new favorites?
Comment down below. Thank you for reading and have a good day! =)


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  1. All time favorite, clean and clear face powder, gatsby oil powdered clear paper for oily skin.. wet n wild lipstick cinnamon spice.

  2. Favorite ko din po yung clean & clear 💁 kase sobrang oily ko :-(

  3. Garnier Milky Dew Toner, Celeteque Hydration Moisturizer, Garnier Eye Roll On, Iwhite 2 minute miracle, MUZ whitening exfoliator, iwhite nosepack, sooperbeaute wonder cream, ayan mga current skim care favorites ko. ❤
    Loreal bb veil, eb matte, ever bilena magic lipstick, ayan current favorite makeups ko. 😊

  4. My all time faves: Eskinol in clear white, kojic soap, Nichido pressed powder in tan, Nichido liquid eyeliner, nichido eyebrow pencil in medium brown and (same as yours sizzums) EB Matte in Scarlet ❤️❤️❤️

  5. I also have the ultra glazewear in diff. shades :) I think gloss is starting to trend... again. :) Products that have not left my shelf is 1. Dove.. as in dove soap,deo, shampoo, lotions.. hihi been using it for years! I love the dream bouncy as well and eb matte lippie... :D

  6. para ngang maganda ung avon glazewear. Ako din kasi not into gloss. ou nga, ganda ng color. Skin care ko, ung iwhite facial wash, tapos celeteque toner then iwhite moisturizer. sa gabi ko lang to nagagawa eh.. hapit na sa umaga..

  7. Grabe! Nag enjoy ako dun sa mga convo hehe! :)