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Saw a lot of youtuber using peel-off lip product and it looks very fun. I wanted to try it and I ordered one (cost Php 250.00) but it's not delivered to me yet so I decided to make my own peel-off lipstick ;)
So, I'm back again with this awesome DIY. 

Disclaimer: I didn't own this DIY Recipe. (Just saw it from the internet)

What we need:

1. Elmer's Glue
Don't worry this is the safe and non-toxic

2. Food Coloring

What we need to do:

1. Go get some glue and pour it to a container.
2. Then, pour a enough amount of food coloring.
3. Mix them well. 
You can mix all the colors you want but I choose red because that's the only food coloring that I have. I remember I used this also when I tricked my cousins. Imagine me with bloodstains holding a fake knife with blood. lol

 How to Apply:
Please make sure you test in on the back your hands first. Maybe you're allergic. Safety First.
But if you're not allergic to it, you can use your lipstick brush and glide it on to your lips.

REMEMBER: You make look dumb but don't let your lips touch each other when you already applied it so you won't keep messing it off. Let it dry for 7-10 minutes and peel it off. It's easy to peel, it won't hurt your precious lips. =)

It more looks like a lip tint and not transferring at all.

How long it last?
In my experience, It last for 4 hours
I eat oily foods, drink, eat junkfood and drink water.
Surprisingly effective.

I hate the fact that I spend money for a peel-off lip tatto when I can make my own.

Hope you like it and Thanks for reading!

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  1. I have the peel off lippie from my cousin and I must, say, it is quite good and seeing this one, really made me think why spend when you can create your own. LOL

  2. Nice sis. 😍 More pa!! Hahaha never pa ako nakaexperience gumamit ng lip tattoo. Di ba sya maamoy sis? Kasi diba may amoy yung glue?

  3. Ang talino mo talaga ate Janine. Can't wait to try this one 😘

  4. kukunin ko na food coloring ng nanay ko tapos glue sa craft supplies ng kapatid ko. whooooo! leggo!

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