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Hi loves. I hope you're having a great day! It's been a long time since I haven't blog. I've been busy this past few days and Depression strikes but don't worry I can handle everything :) *winks*

I was thinking of a product review but I'm too damn lazy to buy new makeup/skincare. I was about to shut down my blog. That's already my plan. But NOOO! This is my Passion! Why would I ditch this. 
There a lot of blahblahblahs going on so let's just move on to the review.


Last month, I joined  a giveaway  on youtube by Ms. Tin Roman and luckily I won! First time to win a skin care giveaway and I'm just so happy because I was given a chance to use Clean & Clear products for the first time. Yeey! :D The prizes already arrived today March 2! Thank you Ms. Tin! :D

So today, I decided to write a review about this Clean & Clear Product. It's their fruit essentials facial cleanser brightening lemon. I saw this at Watsons and its available at all  department Stores and Honestly, I've been eyeing on this product. It cost P 136.50 for a 100 ml bottle.

I love the very simple packaging of this product. It's in a transparent and very squeezable bottle but what really caught my attention is the White and Gold beads inside it plus the claims of this product which is it...
"Brighten up your skin with this deliciously scented cleanse with BURSTING BEADS, which burst with energy and vitamin C-rich lemon extract. Thoroughly removes oil and dirt, with antibacterial ingredients to help prevent common skin problem without over drying. Leaves skin feeling clean, clear and radiant." 

At first, I thought It was a facial cleanser. So, I grabbed a cotton from my bag and pour the product there and applied it on to my face. Damn right! I didn't read what's written in the back of the product. My Bad! I was very confident that it's the right way of using it. I can't understand what's written at the back because It was in other language. But the claims of this product is written on English :). 
I felt very uncomfortable because It's kinda heavy on my face so I did a little research about how to use it and It says that it's a facial wash and you have to rinse it off with water.
It stays on my face for about 5 minutes hahaha (I'm sorry, Im too stupid). So, I finally rinse it off. Next time, If I can't understand what's written in the back I'll go for RESEARCHING about it. Lesson learned hehe*

Active Ingredients: Glycerin (moisturization, water retention, anti-bacterial) , Salicylic Acid(antibacterial ingredient), Citrus limon (Lemon) Extract (skin toning, brightening, anti-bacterial, reduces excess oil), Pasiflora edulis (Passion Fruit) Fruit Extract(contains Vitamin A for healthy skin, cell growth and reproduction & Vitamin C prevents premature aging), Tocoperyl Acetate (Vitamin E) (skin hydration, prevent free radicals formation, healing of acne scars)

What I like about this product:
  1. It brightens my skin a bit and It feels so smooth after wash.
  2. I didn't feel any burning sensation.
  3. I can say that it moisturizes my skin.
  4. Ofcourse, It doesnt clog pores!
  5. It cleans my face by eliminating the dirt and oil I earned throughout the day.
  6. I liked the consistency of the product. It's slightly thick.
  7. I love the lemony scent. It's not bothering at all.
What I don't like about this product:
I can't think of any. None!


I will be buying another bottle of this as soon as I run out of this.

 I have a oily to combination skin and I think it's performs its job very well. It's good for teenagers/young-adults out there who are experiencing minor skin problems. If you guys are curious about the Bursting Beads. If you're thinking if it really burst. Well, no. But I believed that those beads helps a lot in nourishing and keeping our skin healthy! :)

Visit their website

Clean & Clear Philippines Facebook Page

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  1. Did the same thing here! hahaha thought this was a facial cleanser so I bought it. hahahaha fool of me.. I still use it panghilamos after Biore makeup remover,para talagang clean! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! All the love.