Everbilena Matte Lipstick Review

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Heyya guys, I'm back again. There's a lot of things going on this past few day and I can't manage to write new blogpost. Anyways, I've been addicted to matte nude lipsticks since 2014 and bought one last december 2015. It's the Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in the shade of Mauvey. I got this for P165.00 at Gaisano Mall. There were a lot of beautiful colors available and I choose Mauvey because I'm fascinated with Miley Cyrus lipstick in her "Who owns my heart" music video. It's also perfect for daytime and you might as well use it at night time when you're going somewhere wearing a smokey eyes.

The packaging is so simple and light.
You can see the shade from the upper part of the tube. 

On the actual lipstick bullet, I can describe the color as a brownish nude with pink undertone. I thought it can be a good dupe for Kylie Jenner Lip Kit in Dolce K. But it's way different when I swatched it on the back of my hand. It's baby pink.

This is how it looks on my lips. 
I'm a bit disappointed by the fact that It look so pale but it's pink when I swatched it. It really looks different when I applied it to my lips. Well, that's not a shocker because before I bought this lipstick, I searched a lot about it like how will the color turns out and stuffs regarding about this lipstick.

Ohh! Btw, I actually tried Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in "Love that Red" before when i was in 4th year High School and I got no problem with it. In fact, I really love how pigmented it was.

 Applied for 1 coat only

But what actually made me happy is the fact that it looks very similar to the lipstick color Miley wore in the music video. 
Based on my research, Mac Viva Glam Gaga is the lipstick she used for the Music Video.

-Locally Available
-Lightweight to wear
-Great lasting power

- It makes my lips dry and chopped

Best Tip:
- Use a lipbalm before you apply this on your lips

-Definitely YES! but in a different color :)


-Everbilena Matte lipstick in "Mauvey" is a good dupe for Mac Viva Glam Gaga, they have the same color when it's applied on the lips.

Have you ever tried Eb Matte lipstick? What's your favorite shade? Comment down below 

Thanks for reading! :)

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  1. I have 3 shades of this! Eto talaga ung first ever matte lippies ko. So basically, ever belena introduced me to matte lipsticks. Huehue! Favorite shade ko is Scarlet. I use it on my everyday look. Hihi gusto ko din itry ung Mauve and ung Toast of NY ☺️

    1. One of my favorite shade are Scarlet and Dusk sis. :) Dahil ata sa everbilena nauso ang Matte Lipstick eh :)

  2. I was eyeing that shade even before! Very light pink pala talaga siya. I'll try next time, right now dark shades of lipsticks are reigning. I got Toast of New York. TY for reviewing Ms. Janine :))

    1. Yes, sobrang uso ng dark lipstick ngayon. Na swatch ko na rin yang toast of newyork and ang ganda din. Sayang di ko nabili :(

  3. Fave matte lippie ko to. I have Siennas and Dusk. :) Sis alam mo ba na tinatanggal yung ibabaw nya? May lipstick din sa ibabaw. Yung sabi mo na dun makikita ung shade. Inoopen yun sis. Eto ang everyday lipstick ko. Pag umaga, Siennas. Sa gabi, Dusk gamit ko :)

    1. Sabi nga nila lipbalm daw yun, I love dusk too sis. Gusto ko ngang ma try yung ibang lipstick color specially the new one.

    2. Sabi nga nila lipbalm daw yun, I love dusk too sis. Gusto ko ngang ma try yung ibang lipstick color specially the new one.

  4. I tried this on the counters and it washes me out :(

    1. I love toast of NY :) http://geccafrancisco.blogspot.com/2016/02/first-impression-and-review-ever-bilena.html

  5. As of now, I haven't tried Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick. But thanks for reviewing it! I will give it a try when I find it.

  6. Try mo yung violet nila sis. New formulation daw yun mas creamy unlike nung old one

  7. Hi! I also have a bit of a tip! Brush your lips with your toothbrush for a smoother application! No toothpaste! :)

  8. Neron akong isa lusty red. Gusto ko pang magtry ng ibang shades.

  9. Hi! Since you're from Cagayan, by any chance do you know where I can buy Nyx and Colourpop matte lippies? And also any suggestion for Kylie's Candy K shade gloss dupe?

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