It's Sunday

7:52:00 AM

It's Easter Sunday today and earlier me and my mom go to the Church.  The mass was held in the street. It's fronting the church. Honestly, this is my first time attending a mass like this. 
I love seeing different people. Para akong naninibago kasi palagi lang ako dito sa bahay eh.


Facebook status of my friends. Some may be too OA.

My blog post. I'm gonna do this every day! Maybe Hahaha I probably can't so every weekend nalang.

to My happy Ending by Avril Lavigne. It's literally on repeat... So basically, I edited this and right now I'm listening to Die Young by Ke$ha. Inserting the lyrics *the magic in your pants is making me blush*.

of someone who broke my heart. Char! I wanna be honest. I wanna know bakit nya nakayang gawin yun? Ba't parang nakokompara ko sya sa papa ko. Lahat nalang ng sinasabi hindi totoo. Actually, Di pa kami nagkita ng Papa ko because when I was too young to know what life is, He left us. I can't imagine the pain he cause to my mom. He left this world na and I hope his in the better place now.

Everything's gonna be alright. As of the moment a lot of things going on in my life. I can't handle some of them. I used to be tough in every situation but I don't know what's happening now.

to get over it. Deal with pain and stuff.

Long sleeves with panda prints and comfy shorts.

the fact that It's Easter Sunday and Christ has Risen =)

to go out of the country. Specifically, California. I wanna reside there na talaga.

someone to listen to me and a BATH. I smell so aweful, tama na muna ang kadramahan. Maligo muna bago yang mga ganyan. Well that rhymes Hahaha

emotionally tired and sleepy but I gotta watch some youtube videos. I'm feeling under the weather today, I never had a chance to film a video. I wanna apologize to Andrea. Andrea if you're reading this, I'm sorry i haven't filmed and uploaded  the video you requested. :(

How's your Sunday? Hope you had a great weekend!

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  1. I loved your writing style in this post Ms. Janine. More power :]

  2. I've always thought that Sundays are the days to just be relaxed and be with the family.. and just be lazy. lol. XD

  3. Sundays are meant to be spent with God. Yun nga lang minsan yung iba nakakatulog sa church.